11 May, 2015

SLM agrees $34m lending facility as beef prices reach highs

by Louisa BurwoodTaylor11 MAY 2015 Australia’s beef industry presented a bullish investment case at last week’s triennial Beef Australia event in Rockhampton, Queensland, as beef cattle prices reached alltime highs and Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced a A$100 million fund for the industry’s road systems.At the 80,000 people strong […]

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8 May, 2015

Go for the big ag bucks

Farm Weeklyby ANDREW MARSHALL08 May, 2015 02:00 AM Investment institutions are cautious about the risks and don’t have time to pussy-foot aroundFARMERS looking for a paltry $5 million or even $15m from outside investors to help fund their business expansion and marketing plans won’t get much interest from the global […]

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11 Nov, 2014

Australia-China cattle trade negotiations going well

Agri Investor
by Louisa Burwood-Taylor
Free trade agreement negotiations between Australia and China are going well in Beijing, according to local reports. Another potential agreement between China and Australia was leaked over the weekend as China looks likely to allow the shipment of live cattle from Australia. Paul McMahon comments on how this will support the entire Australian cattle industry.

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30 Jul, 2014

Regenerative agriculture: an introduction

Agri Investor
by Louisa Burwood-Taylor
There is a growing movement among farmers and agriculture asset management firms to move away from conventional farming techniques and instead employ a range of practices that avoid the excessive use of fertilisers and other inputs that are slowly degrading the quality of soil globally. This is the first in a series of articles about regenerative agriculture as an agri investment strategy and it profiles SLM Partners as a leader in this field.

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3 Jun, 2014

SLM’s holistic hook nabs investors

By Matthew Cawood
BEEF production was the hook that got Danish pension fund Pensionskassernes Administration (PKA) interested in investing in Sustainable Land Management Partners' (SLM) 480,000 hectare pastoral portfolio, but it was management principles that clinched the $75 million deal. Over the past few years, SLM Partners has quietly invested about $60 million to put together an aggregation of grazing properties in western Queensland, grouped in geographical hubs around Cunnamulla, Quilpie and Blackall.

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19 May, 2014

Danes in $60m Qld cattle play

Australian Financial Review
By Matthew Cranston
DANISH pension fund Pensionskassernes Administration (PKA) has backed the purchase of $60 million worth of Queensland cattle stations through local operator Sustainable Land Management Partners. The 480,000 hectares of country, from Blackall to Cunnamulla, will be held in the SLM Australia Livestock Fund and will be managed by SLM Partners, which has an office in London.

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11 Apr, 2014

Opinion: Food market is increasingly volatile

Financial Times
By Paul McMahon
Food markets have been on a gravity-defying rollercoaster ride since 2008, hurtling up the inclines but descending more slowly. One after another, the prices of rice, wheat, maize and sugar have reached new highs – this year it has been the turn of US cattle and New Zealand milk.

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17 Mar, 2013

Book review: How to feed the world

The Sunday Times
By Ian Critchley
If the human population grows, as predicted, from 7bn to 9bn by 2050, the global food system will be put under unprecedented strain. The agriculturist Paul McMahon, however, doesn’t agree with the “doom-mongers” who think we are destined for mass starvation. In this passionately argued book, he states that we already produce enough food to feed 9bn people and that there are vast, untapped areas of fertile arable land that should be sufficient to feed that many over the coming decades.

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15 Jun, 2012

SLM Australia Livestock Fund holds First Closing at AU$75 million

SLM Press Release
by SLM Partners
The SLM Group is pleased to announce the first closing of its SLM Australia Livestock Fund (“the Fund”). The Fund will acquire and operate pastoral farmland in Australia, primarily for cattle production. Its strategy is built on implementation of an innovative grazing system that is expected to improve productivity while enhancing the environment. PKA, one of the largest pension fund groups in Denmark and a leading investor in the farmland asset class, has committed AU$75 million to the Fund.

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