SLM Partners is developing new strategies to scale up regenerative organic farming in the USA, with a focus on organic grains. Organic farming has the potential to improve soil health, reduce water pollution and increase biodiversity, while storing more carbon on the land. Because strong consumer demand has translated into sustained price premiums, organic farming can also allow farmers to make a decent living and help revitalize rural communities.

Investment strategy

SLM Partners is working with existing organic farmers to help them expand their organic certified acreage. We are acquiring conventional cropland and making it available to these farmers through an innovative, long-term lease structure that shares risks and rewards. Investors can participate in this strategy via separate accounts and a new fund vehicle under development. 

Gunsmoke Farms

SLM Partners is the manager of Gunsmoke Farms, a 34-000 acre property near Pierre, South Dakota that is undergoing transition to organic certification. The farm will grow organic wheat and legume crops as part of a diverse rotation that builds soil health. General Mills has entered into a multi-year sourcing agreement with Gunsmoke Farms as part of its commitment to regenerative agriculture and the organic sector.