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Press release

London, 18 May 2015

SLM Australia Livestock Fund agrees debt financing facility

SLM Partners is pleased to announce that it has agreed a lending facility of up to AU$34 million with one of the leading global agricultural banking institutions on behalf of the SLM Australia Livestock Fund (“the Fund”). This facility will allow the Fund to complete the development of acquired properties and to acquire more cattle, while also providing working capital for scaled-up operations.

The Fund acquires and operates pastoral farmland in Australia, primarily for cattle production. Its strategy is to improve water and fencing infrastructure and to implement an innovative grazing system that is expected to improve productivity while delivering environmental benefits. So far, the Fund has acquired 15 properties covering almost 480,000 hectares of land in southern Queensland and northern New South Wales. The Fund has AU$75 million in equity commitments, which has been substantially deployed.

“This debt facility gives the Fund the capital it needs to fully develop and stock the existing properties,” said Paul McMahon of SLM Partners. “We are pleased to be working with a bank that has a deep understanding of the Australia cattle industry.”

SLM Partners is developing its properties by installing new water points and erecting fencing to create more paddocks. Holistic planned grazing – a form of rotational grazing – is used to manage cattle in large herds.  “We are using alternative but proven ways with the intention of achieving more consistent and sustainable returns for our investors,” said Tony Lovell of SLM Partners.

SLM Partners is also in advanced discussion with a number of additional prospective investors and expects to hold a final close of the Fund within the next few months. Additional commitments will allow the Fund to acquire more properties and to scale up its cattle operation.


For more information please contact:

Paul McMahon, SLM Partners. Tel: +44 207 221 8205.

Background information

SLM Partners was founded in 2009 to acquire and manage agricultural land on behalf of institutional investors. Its goal is to scale up farming systems that deliver both financial and environmental benefits. SLM Partners consists of a team of farming experts in Australia with experience of implementing the grazing system at the core of the Fund’s strategy, supported by investment professionals in London with expertise in finance, agriculture and environmental markets. Its first project has been the SLM Australia Livestock Fund but it is developing other investment opportunities in South America and Europe.